Serving Orphans
One Idea At A Time!

Due to overwhelming interest, we have stepped back to regroup
and are redesigning our site. Stay tuned for details.

We are not currently funding international projects, and focusing efforts on orphans in our own backyard, here in Colorado.  Please check out our video below learn more about us.



Our Goal:
To reach orphans in every country by 2025.   We believe partnerships with businesses, organizations and individuals will be crucial in raising the funds needed.


Our Mission:
To see a world where all children are nutured, loved, inspired, and cherished.  We want to see a world where all children’s basic physical needs are met and that they are provided with resources for education from the early stages of their lives.  We want to permanently break down barriers for those left orphaned regardless of social, political, or economic conditions. This may seem, and likely may be idealistic, but what is the worst that can happen by trying? Even if we fall dramatically short and help thousands of orphans, we can live with such a failure.


Bob Dylan's song 
speaks to our heart here at
World Orphan Connection. 
His words ring true.

What good am I if I'm like all the rest,
If I just turn away, when I see how you're dressed,
If I shut myself off so I can't hear you cry,
What good am I?

What good am I if I know and don't do,
If I see and don't say, if I look right through you,
If I turn a deaf ear to the thunderin' sky,
What good am I?

What good am I while you softly weep
And I hear in my head what you say in your sleep,
And I freeze in the moment like the rest who don't try,
What good am I?

What good am I then to others and me
If I've had every chance and yet still fail to see
If my hands are tied must I not wonder within
Who tied them and why and where must I have been

What good am I if I say foolish things
And I laugh in the face of what sorrow brings
And I just turn my back while you silently die,
What good am I?

Lyrics by Bob Dylan
Copyright © 1989 Special Rider Music









"You see things
and you say

But I dream
things that
never were
and I say
'Why not?'"

~ G.B. Shaw